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Terms And Conditions


Dear Guest(s),

Thank you for exploring Badami Travels for the best travel experiences. We offer you a delightful all efforts to ensure that you have a warm and a delightful holiday experience. We devote keen attention to every minute detail of your tour. At the same time we request you to follow the below terms and conditions so that we are successful in our earnest attempt to give you a hassle free and an enjoyable tour.

1) Brief Description and Commencement:

(a) These Terms and Conditions be called Badami Travels Terms and Conditions 2015-16.
(b) They extend to India organised by Badami Travels. They shall come in force from 1st june 2015.

A) Definitions: In these Terms and Conditions unless the context otherwise requires:

(a) Guest(s) means the total number of people who have registered their names and booked the tour by having paid full payment for Indian / World tours organized by Badami Travels (which expression shall, unless it be repugnant to the context or meaning thereof be deemed to mean and include their respective heirs, executors and administrators)

(b) Company means Kanthi Resorts Pvt.Ltd (Badami Travels) and also includes all its brands and divisions.
Badami Travels is a brand name of Kanthi Resorts Pvt Ltd.,therefore both these names will be considered one and same and used synonymously therein.

(c) Tour/s means any India and/or any other Tours organized by Badami Travels

(d) First day of the tour shall start at any time (i.e. in the morning/afternoon/evening) at the first destination depending on the arrival of the respective flight/train/cruise or any mode of transport, same shall be in case of the last day of the tour. In other words, a ‘Day’ shall mean a part of the day or 24 hours or its part thereof.

(e) Tour Manager / Tour Assistant by whatever designation called means a Person designated by the Company to help / guide / assist the Guests in and/or during India and/ or any other Tours Organised by Badami Travels

(f) Panoramic city tour: City tour includes all places as mentioned in the tour program and unless specifically mentioned, it is a panoramic view or a photo stop.

(g) Tour Manager / Tour Assistant by whatever designation called means a Person designated by the Company to help / guide / assist the Guests in and/or during India and/ or any other Tours Organised by Badami Travels

(h) Force Majeure means an event or circumstance not within the reasonable control, directly or indirectly, of Badami Travels in its ability to perform its obligations / responsibilities regarding the tour including (i) war, hostilities invasion, act of foreign enemies; (ii) rebellion, revolution, insurrection or military or usurped power or civil war; (iii) epidemic, explosion, fire, flood, earthquake or other exceptional natural calamity and act of God; (iv) ionizing radiation or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel, or from any nuclear waste from the combustion of nuclear fuel, radioactive toxic explosive, or other hazardous properties of any explosive nuclear assembly or nuclear component of such assembly; (v) riot, commotion or disorder; (vi) any act or omission of any Government instrumentality; (vii) a Change in Legal Requirements; (viii) strikes lock outs or other industrial disturbances; and (ix) abnormal weather or sea conditions including tempest, lightning, hurricane, typhoon, rain and temperatures.

(i) Brochure means tariff rates and tour related information for the respective years brought out / published by Badami Travels The masculine gender, shall also include feminine gender and vice versa, the singular shall include plural and vice versa and shall include grammatical variations thereof.

(j) Independent Contractor means a person and/or organization selected by Badami Travels to render services including transport, hotel, restaurants, sightseeing to the tourist (s) and/or to Badami Travels (i) Meal means breakfast, lunch, dinner and/or any other snacks supplied.

(k) Jain food means food without onion and garlic served at the time of tour group meals not necessarily before sunset.

(l) The masculine gender, shall also include feminine gender and vice versa, the singular shall include plural and vice versa and shall include grammatical variations thereof.

(m) Each of these terms and conditions shall be severable and if any provision thereof is declared invalid, illegal or unenforceable, then remaining provisions nevertheless shall have full force and effect.

(n) Group tours mean where the services provided are similar to all the travellers in that group.


Brochure means tariff rates and tours related information published by the Badami Travels or Kanthi Resorts from time to time for the respective years. After arrival of new brochure all old tariff cards and tours related information stands cancelled unless specified.

Company reserves the right to change or modify information related to tour or tariffs; also hotels can be changed even after the tour has been booked by the Guest. The Company shall inform the Guest at the earliest about the changes in their respective programme.

Liberty of activity

Company as an organization is coordinating with various independent service providers for conducting the tour. Company takes utmost precaution to ensure that the tour is comfortable. Also, Guests are updated from time to time through different media of communication in case of changes.
Though we take maximum care, neither do we have control on the modes of transport like airlines, railways, cruises, coaches, buses etc nor on hotels,Resorts, restaurants or any other services.
Thus, as a company we shall not be responsible for any kind of damage to the person or to the property because of these independent vendors.

Booking Criteria:

  • Guest’s interest to participate in the tour
    Payment of the registration amount only shows that the Guest is interested in going for the tour. All the services like travel tickets, hotel accommodation etc shall be confirmed only on receipt of the full and final payment.
  • Confirmation of Booking
    Guest signature on the tour booking form clearly indicates that s/he has accepted the terms and conditions mentioned in the brochure. Also, in case if a single Guest is signing a booking form on behalf of the entire family, it means that the person signing is authorized by other members and they will abide by the terms and conditions.
  • Non-payment of full tour cost before departure
    Company reserves the right to cancel and forfeit the paid amount in case of non-payment of full tour cost before departure.
  • Change in Tour
    If a Guest wishes to cancel a booked tour and join any other available tour, then cancellation charges for the previously booked tour and new tour cost plus new discounts for the new tour shall be applicable to the Guest.

    If the Guest wishes to make individual bookings after the initial booking on a particular package and/or wishes to make amendments such as change of destination, departure dates, addition of deletion of services, change in passenger numbers etc. s/he has to make a written request and obtain an acknowledgement from the travel advisor. There will be an amendment fee of Rs 300/- on every service once all services are confirmed. The amendment may invite further cost which will have to be borne by the Guest. All such requests can be accepted only if they are available with the Company.
  • Criteria for operating a group tour
    For operating a group tour, there must be minimum 20 Guests booked on the same tour and the same date. In an event of cancellation of tour because of non-fulfilment of minimum criteria, Guests shall be intimated in advance through SMS, telephone or email.
    In case, if the tour does not materialize and still the Guest wishes to continue with the same tour, on the same date, the tour shall be operated on individual basis without Tour manager and on MAP basis.
  • Request for special services
    As a Company operating group tours we always give equal attention to each and every tour member and the entire group. At the time of booking, if the Guest informs about requirement of special assistance, the Company may not be able to guarantee it. For eg. it may not be possible to provide wheel chair as all coaches are not equipped with these facilities. Also, we would advise our special Guests to be accompanied by a family member who can take care of him/her throughout the tour.
  • Medical fitness of the Guest
    It is assumed that the Guests booking the tour are medically fit to travel on tour and also that s/he is aware about the tour programme and the different activities that shall be undertaken during the tour. In case of any health related issues on tour, Guests are expected to be equipped to handle it on their own. Tour Manager can give assistance in such cases but it will not be possible to give complete attention.
  • Guest undergoing medical treatment
    In case if a medically unfit Guest books a tour and the Company is not informed of the same, the Company reserves the right to cancel the booking in order to safeguard the interest of other Guests. In case, if the Guest wishes to travel in a separate vehicle, it can be done by paying additional cost for it.
  • Guest who have not booked
    All the services are paid services like hotel, transport, restaurants etc. hence Guest’s, relatives, friends, acquaintances who have not booked the tour shall not be allowed to use the services confirmed for the booked Guest.

Guest Payment/Tour payment by Guest:

  • Registration amount
    The registration amount paid at the time of booking, is non-refundable and interest free. Guests have to pay the full tour cost as per the guidelines given in the brochure. Participation on tour shall be confirmed only after the Guest makes the full payment.
    In case a cheque paid by the Guest in favour of the Company is dishonored, a charge of Rs 200/- per cheque must be paid by the Guest.
    If a Guest books a tour just 30 days prior to the departure, s/he should make a payment of the entire amount. Also, the amount should be paid by Demand Draft or Cash.
  • Cost of Tour
    When the tour cost is quoted, the Foreign Exchange component is calculated as per the prevailing rate of that day. The Company reserves the right to alter the cost of the tour before the departure; accordingly the Guest will have to make the full payment before tour departure. Tour costs does not include government taxes or any other tax raised by independent contractors like airlines which are to be paid by the Guest as per actuals.
  • Discounts for Tour
    Guests can avail early booking discounts declared by the Company which are valid for the declared period only and are applicable for limited seats or for particular dates as specified. Company reserves all rights to make changes in the discount policy at any point of time without assigning any reason.
  • Reimbursement to the Company
    For any reason if the Company bears any cost on behalf of the Guest, s/he must reimburse the amount to the Company within the designated time.

Documentation required for a tour:

  • Requirement of Photo Identity on tour
    For all travel, including a tour in India, the Guest is required to carry photo identity (PAN card, official documents issued by Government bodies etc. and for students – college/school ID card of the present year).
  • Responsibility of the Guest while on tour
    Guest is solely responsible to get all the required clearance like passport, visa confirmed air tickets, insurance etc. Guest should ensure that s/he collects all the required travel documents before the start of the tour.
    Guest should keep certified true copies and photo copies of all travel and statutory clearance documents viz. passports, visas, confirmed travel tickets, insurance including medical insurance certificates, any other document used to confirm the services of tour including an arrangement with independent contractor and other statutory certificates, used by him/her while on tour.
  • Passport loss on tour
    Guest should take utmost care to ensure that the passport is not lost. It is the identity of an individual and loss of this document results in time consuming and costly formalities like launching an FIR, obtaining a landing certificate etc. The tour manager will assist the Guest with these formalities but cannot stay back as s/he has to continue the tour with rest of the group members.

Travel Insurance:

Insurance is not included in the tour cost unless specified or required by the specific consulates for issuance of visa. Usually, overseas mediclaim insurance covers hospitalization, medical emergencies and loss of passport; hence the Company strongly recommends that Guests buy the insurance.Guest should settle all insurance claims with the insurance company. Company shall not be responsible for settlement of any claims for the Guest as insurance is a separate service. The Company does not have any control on these service providers.

Changes in Itinerary

(a) The Company reserves the rights to modify or alter the tour itinerary in case of force majeure conditions. Changes shall be informed to Guests at the earliest. Guests shall pay any additional charges applicable in such cases.
(b) Other than force majeure for any other unavoidable circumstance, if the Company curtails or cancels a certain day’s sightseeing, refund for the concerned portion of the sightseeing/tour shall be given to the Guests. The Company will not be responsible for any other kind of refund.

ii) Guests who wish to take a deviation from the original group tour schedule

If a Guest who has booked a group tour wishes to deviate from the tour schedule before or after the tour, s/he can do so by paying an additional cost.
In individual bookings, Guests on an Indian tour can coordinate with the driver of the car/coach The car/coach has specific time limits within which it operates.


Seating arrangement in the coach shall be strictly on first come first serve basis. In the coach, seating allotment shall start from seat number 5 onwards as 1st and 2nd seat is reserved for the tour managers and the 3rd and 4th seat is reserved as premium seat which if available can be booked by the Guests at an additional cost. Company reserves the right to allocate premium seats. There is a strict “no smoking”, “no alcohol” and “no eating” policy in the Coach. Guests are advised not to keep valuables in the coach while sightseeing. The Company shall not be responsible for loss of valuables from the coach. If the coach is accidently or otherwise damaged by the Guest, s/he will be required to pay compensation for the same.

Coach/Bus during Indian Tours:

The Company provides air-conditioned/air-cooled, luxury coaches. Seating and size of the coach generally depends on the number of travelers and the sector/destination. For a few sectors in India smaller vehicles or mini coaches will be provided.

Hotel Arrangements:

  • Company selects hotels mostly at comfortable locations. Guests are generally provided twin sharing accommodation in standard rooms. Third bed is a roll away mattress. Other facilities like heaters / coolers are provided as per the weather condition.
  • Please note that for a family of 4 we strongly recommend 2 rooms.
  • Triple rooms are not larger than twin rooms and the third bed is often a roll-away mattress put in a twin bedded room.
  • Check-in and check-out time:
    Guests are required to follow check-in and check-out time of respective hotels.
    In India tours, hotels generally have a check-in time of 1200hrs and a check-out time of 1000hrs.. If Guests want any change therein, it should be arranged on their own.
  • Room Sharing on tour:
    If there are two/three single Guests travelling on the same tour and are ready to share a hotel room they can do so with each other’s consent. The Company shall not be responsible for any misunderstanding or any incidence of missing items or any other such concerns.
  • Single Occupancy:
    Guests who are paying for single occupancy shall get single bedded rooms that are usually away from the twin bedded rooms.
  • Guest wanting to avail additional facilities:
    For availing any additional facility like laundry, telephone, mini-bar, snacks, food, alcohol, optional activities in the hotels, excess baggage, personal shopping, pay toilet etc, the Guest is required to bear the expenses.

Meals served on tour:

As the Company is operating group tours menu is preset. Sometimes packed meals are served.Menu is mostly vegetarian with a few non vegetarian items. For individual bookings any meal included in the package will be indicated in the service vouchers. In case Guest misses any meal for any reason, no refund will be given. The Company has no control over the nature of meals provided by the concerned independent supplier(s).

Tour manager on tour:

Tour managers/assistants/escorts will be assisting travelers throughout the tour and they will not be responsible for loss of any Guest’s baggage or any kind of personal belongings. Guests will be solely responsible for their bags and belongings. Guests should follow information and instructions given by tour managers. The Company is not responsible for the consequences that may result from not following such instructions.

Guest Baggage:

Guests are responsible for the transit of their own baggage. Any porter charges or tips for services rendered to carry baggage to the rooms will be paid by Guests to the service provider directly.