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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Q. Should I make alternate arrangements for accomodation while on the tour? Can I take a break from the regular schedule while on the tour?

A. Badami Travels takes good care of you once the tour which you have booked for has commenced. We will provide you with Travel, Accomodation, Food and Entertainment suitable to the package that you have opted for. However, while you are free to chose your convenience while on the tour, Badami Travels does not recommend this. We plan our tours meticulously and will not let delays by individuals affect the entire tour. If you choose to deviate from the regular tour plan, please make arrangements to join us again at the appropriate time.

Please read our terms & conditions
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Q: Do you handle Corporate/ Institutional tours & holiday packages?

A: We are the regular tour organizers for some of the reputed educational Institutions like, Indian School Muscat-Oman, Coorg Public School - Coorg, St. Pauls School - Hubli, etc.
Please read our detailed list here

Q: Can I opt for a customised tour/ personal visit just with my family and friends?

A: We do handle corporate/intuitional tour and holiday packages

Q: Can I opt for a customised tour/ personal visit just with my family and friends?

A: Yes! We have a range of extremely attractive customised packages even if you are just two persons!
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Q: Can I cancel the tickets once i have booked for the same?

A: You have the right at any time to cancel the booking but if you do so, must make the cancellation in writing. The cancellation rules behind the provisional receipt will apply. Tours will be confirmed subject to minimum of breakeven points depending to the capacity of the vehicle, otherwise we hold the right to cancel the tour. Cancellation will be informed to you 10 days before the actual departure.
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Q: Being a senior citizen, can I avail the concession on the train fare for the North India tours ?

A: Senior citizens 60 years & above are eligible for a concession of 30% only on train fare. We can reserve train tickets on concessional fare only if we receive written consent while booking, from those who can produce age proof with their photograph while travelling. Unless we receive written consent the train ticket will be reserved on full fare and no claim will be entertained later.
More about cancellation & refund

Q: Where can I find the registration form to book my tour of my choice?

A: You can download the registration form, from the Downloads section.

Q: I had a wonderful experience with Badami Travels, can I share the same ? I also have some suggestions to make - how do I air my views?

A: Please check our Travelogues section where our previous customers have shared thier stories and opinions.
Use this page if you have feedback or for queries

  • For a group tour what is the procedure to book the first seats in the coach?

    Seats in the coach are reserved on first come first serve basis and therefore if Guests want the first seats they should book a tour as early as possible by paying the registration tour amount.
  • How many hours is the road journey on a particular day and are there frequent halts on the way?

    The length of the journey is different for different tours and differs city to city / itinerary to itinerary. There would be frequent halts in the journey.

Meals and Beverages

  • What type of meals are served on tour?

    Group tour: As per itinerary we provide all types of meals which include Continental Breakfast, Indian Lunch and Dinner. We have a preset menu and we serve vegetarian food along with one non vegetarian dish with local/ fast food item at times. in majority of the destinations both Breakfast and Dinner are included in the Package.

  • Is a special meal available on tour?

    Group tour: We can provide special meals to Guests like Jain Meal (which is without Onion-Garlic). In case if a Guest is observing a fast then we can arrange for fruits, milk and finger chips. Also, baby meal can be arranged which includes tin milk, rice and plain dal and will be made available during meal hours only. At the same time, we suggest that Guests carry sufficient baby food in case it’s required in between meal times. Special meals can be arranged if we receive intimation at the time of booking, if not atleast 15-20 days before the tour starts.. Guest is required to give an intimation in advance.

  • Is there any provision if a Guest needs tea frequently?

    Guests can have tea/coffee during breakfast. At a few sightseeing locations we arrange for tea, coffee, ice cream etc. as mentioned in the itinerary. We also provide instant tea/coffee sachets to Guest to have tea/coffee in their room whenever they want.

Hotels & Room Types

  • What is the hotel category provided by Badami Travels on Group Tours?

    The hotels provided on group tours are standard hotels with all basic amenities.

  • In group tours, what is the basic accommodation type provided?

    In group tour, mainly accommodation is provided on twin sharing basis. Guest can opt for other room types as well like single room, double room or triple room. The travel advisors should be informed about it at the time of booking.

  • Are the hotels provided in group tours located within the city?

    Hotels are fixed as per availability and are generally located at convenient locations.

  • Can a single Guest travel on a group tour? What is the procedure for the same?

    Single Guest can travel on any of our group tours. S/he can book a single room that is almost the same size as that of a twin room. In such a case there will be single occupancy charges applicable to the Guest. There is also an option of sharing a room with another single traveler of the same gender, if both travelers are willing to do so.

  • What is the meaning of twin sharing?

    Twin sharing means two adults sharing one room with two separate beds.

  • What is the meaning of triple room?

    Triple room is allotted when 3 adults share one room together. Mainly, a family of 2 adults and 1 child or 3 adults prefers this type of room. The size of the room is same as that of a twin room and the third bed is often a roll-away mattress.

  • What will be the room sharing and tour price if one adult and one child want to share a room?

    For Indian tours, if child is below 11 years of age and sharing a room with an adult then child has to pay adult tour price

  • If there are 3 adults and 1 child, can they share a hotel room?

    If Guest’s family is of four, then s/he is given 2 rooms at most of the destinations around the world. As per the safety norms, 4 Guests are not allowed in one hotel room. In such case, if Guest has a child then s/he has to pay adult tour price.

  • Do hotels provide porter services to Guest on group tour?

    Porter services if required must be intimated in advance and arrangements are made as per availability. Charges for the same needs to be borne by the guest.

  • Will it be safe to keep belongings in the hotel room while Guests are out sightseeing?

    We advise Guests not to carry valuables while on tour. In many hotels, they provide safe deposit lockers for safekeeping of Guests’ valuables. Guest is requested to take care of the locker keys or remember the password of the locker system. Please note that if the key is misplaced or password is forgotten, fine is levied .Do not keep any valuable unattended in the hotel.

Tour Manager

  • In what languages do the tour managers speak with Guests on tour?

    Tour managers will communicate with Guests in Hindi or English.

  • How many tour managers will be there with Guests on a Group Tour?

    In tours we have one 1 manager along with 1 or 2 tour assistants depending on the size of the group

  • In a group tour will the tour manager assist the Guest on the entire tour?

    Tour manager will assist the Guest throughout the tour as per the scheduled pick up and drop locations. However, tour managers will not be responsible for Guest baggage or their personal belongings.

  • How will Guest recognize the tour manager of Badami Travels?

    Our tour manager will be in uniform and s/he will carry Badami Travels signboard/flag, so that the Guest can recognize him/her easily.


  • Is passport required for travel?

    For any Domestic tour, valid Photo-Id /passport is a must. If a Guest does not have a passport then s/he is required to apply for it online (www.passportindia.gov.in – Indian national).

  • If Guests wish to extend their holiday beyond the scheduled duration of the group tour, how can the visa/insurance managed?

    Visa and insurance cost included in the tour price is only for the tour duration. If Guests wish to extend their stay beyond it, Badami Travels will process it for the duration specified by the Guest. Additional expenses will be borne by the Guest.

  • Is it advisable for Guest to carry foreign exchange in Cash for the tour?

    Guest can carry cash with them while on tour, but we suggest them to carry American Express Travelers Cheques as it is accepted around the world. Travelers Cheques will help the Guest to have a control on their expenses and spend within their budget. Also Travelers Cheques are safer because even if it is lost, it can be replaced worldwide, mostly within 24 hours.